The road that we call life, takes many turns, running uphill as well as down.
The path that led me to Spanish Mustangs was filled with many strange coincidences. It took
awhile but ultimately, those coincidental events led me to the people who are as passionate as
I am about preserving these horses . They are considered a little abnormal by most people’s
standards. I guess I am as abnormal as any “Mustanger”.
I don’t see this as a problem at all, if it means that these horses always stay the way they were
meant to be. Not changed by those that like “larger” horses, or Arab looking heads, or maybe
they wish their Spanish Mustang was not so hard to get to know. I personally feel that anyone
calling themselves a  Mustanger, who wants to change one hair on a true Spanish Mustang,
needs to find another breed.

Spanish Mustangs don’t need changing or fixing. They came off the Conquistador’s ships and
nature toughened them into what they are today.
Our goal is to carry on with what the founders started years ago; to preserve, promote and
protect, foundation Spanish Mustangs.

There are several strains of recognized Spanish Mustangs that make up this wonderful breed.
They all slightly vary in looks but they have something unmistakable in common, Iberian type
which falls under our breed standard.

I am partial to Sorraia type Spanish Mustangs and am crazy about the Spanish LP (appy) gene.
We have focused on these for our breeding projects.

The more time that I spend with foundation Spanish Mustangs, the more worried I am about
their future. I haven’t seen many new people, or veterans to this breed, who are sincerely
focused on preserving them. The old lines can’t be replaced once they are gone. It takes one
generation of thoughtless breeding to ruin a lifetime of preservation.  These horses are of the
purest strains available today, among those horses that arrived with the Conquistadors. Why
would anyone want to change them?

Spanish Mustangs are tough, loyal and are very easy keepers. They make great ranch horses
and are naturally cowey. If you are interested in endurance, these horses should be your
choice. They were built for it. I have no doubt that these Spanish Mustangs will excel in any
discipline that you chose to take part in.

Arrow Rock horses are all registered with the SSMA & SMR Some are also registered with the  
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